El Toro Trail

Project Goals & Objectives
Proposed El Toro Trail - OSA Trail (Blue) / City Trail (Orange) Provide a non-paved public trail, meeting City Trail Study guidelines, to the top of El Toro Mountain. 

The city has held and will continue to hold community meetings to obtain feedback and to address concerns regarding safety, parking, litter, privacy, fire and wildlife impacts.
The OSA has acquired lands to the south of El Toro Mountain and intends to provide a trail on that property. The city owns the east face of El Toro and a trail could be built to the summit. However, the city and the OSA agree that a better option would be to construct a trail (Orange) on the back side of El Toro. This would require the purchase of private property from willing sellers.
The city and OSA will partner to create the trail network with the OSA leading the property acquisition effort and the city providing necessary CEQA clearance and construction materials. Both agencies will assist with design and construction. The city could potentially contribute to the property rights acquisition.

An "Access Strategy" was developed and approved by City Council In February 2015 in order to determine the proposed trail access points. The preferred access point was determined to be at DeWitt/Spring intersection.
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