Subdivision, Development Agreement & Zoning Amendment Applications SD 09-07/DA09-05/ZA 09-08: Cochrane-Borello
A request for approval of a 244-lot precise development plan and 244-lot subdivision of a 122 acre parcel located on the east side of Peet Road, north side of Half Road, east of Cochrane Road, adjacent to the south side of the Santa Clara Valley Water District pump facility. The zoning amendment request would amend the zoning from RE 40,000/RPD, R-1 20,000/RPD and R-1 12,000/RPD to R-1 20,000/PD, Single Family Low Planned Development. Also, requested is the approval of a project development agreement (APN 728-34-027). The project includes the realignment of the Peet Road intersection with Half Road which will include portions of 4 parcels on the south side of Peet Road in the proposed project area (APNs 728-33-002 thru 005).

Any specific comments regarding the proposed environmental impact report should be made in writing to the attention of Terry Linder or the Development Services Center at the address below no later than January 22, 2013. Further details may be obtained from the Development Services Center at 408-778-6480.

City of Morgan Hill
Community Development Agency
17575 Peak Ave.
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Environmental Impact Report