Field Operations

The Field Operations Division is under the leadership of Captain Shane Palsgrove. The Field Operations Division consists of 27 sworn Patrol Officers, including officers assigned to the Traffic Division. We have 1 K-9 Officer and the Reserve Unit who are also part of the Field Operations Division. The non-sworn component of the division consists of 3 Multi-Service Officers (MSO) and the Police Explorer Program for youth.
Patrol officers in this division work with community members to identify and resolve problems of crime and disorder either through formal Community Oriented Policing projects, or by directed patrol and targeted pro-active enforcement. Within the Field Operations Division, specially trained officers participate as Field Training Officers, Bicycle Patrol Officers, a K-9 handler, and Motorcycle Officers, as well as assuming other collateral duties. The Reserve Officer Program in this division consists of part-time sworn officers trained to augment regular patrol activities.


The primary responsibilities of the Field Operations Division consist of:
  • Responding to emergency patrol calls
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Community oriented police services
  • Conducting preliminary investigations
  • Necessary follow-up for most incidents
  • Non-emergency calls for service


For more information, call us at 408-779-2101 or email Captain Shane Palsgrove.