Economic Blueprint

Economic Blueprint Onepager Image
The City of Morgan Hill embarked upon the development of an

Economic Blueprint

for the community of Morgan Hill in 2016. The main goal of the

Economic Blueprint

is to develop a framework that will inform policy and investment decisions to ensure Morgan Hill long-term economic sustainability.  The Economic Blueprint guides our Economic Development efforts for the next five to ten years, with a primary goal to attract jobs and investment into our community.  

The City in developing the Economic Blueprint held focus groups and one-on-one meetings with interested residents, employers, employees, non-profits, community groups, brokers, retail and industrial property owners, developers, and investors.

Additionally, two key groups (Thought Leaders and Pathfinders) were identified to make sure the report was focused, strategic, and meaningful while at the same time aspirational and high-level enough to stay relevant in the next five to ten years.  

Engagement Strategy

March/April/May 2016
  • Conducted stakeholder engagement through interviews, focus groups and workshops
  • Held Community Meeting and workshop with Planning Commission
June/July 2016
  • Synthesized draft findings
August 2016
  • Held community meetings refining and validating findings
September 2016
  • Shared initial findings with Planning Commission
March 2017
  • Held Champions Meeting- March 24th 
April 2017

Meetings/Focus Groups
City Council Kick-Off  March 2, 2016
Rotary March 2, 2016
Kiwanis, March 15, 2016
Economic Development Team, March 28, 2016
City Employees, March 30, 2016
Tourism Alliance, April 8, 2016
Community Wide Focus Group, April 11, 2016
Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce, April 12, 2016
Planning Commission, April 26, 2016
Morgan Hill Downtown Association Board, May 12, 2016
South County Realtors Alliance, May 25, 2016
Morgan Hill Downtown Association, May 26, 2016
Reference Documents
Overview of Economic Development (PDF)
Industrial Land Supply Study (General Plan 2035)
Existing Economic Conditions White Paper (General Plan 2035)
Hotel Development Opportunity (PDF)
Telecommunications Infrastructure Report (PDF)
Healthcare Study 2014 (PDF)
Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis of Proposed Industrial Land- Strategic Economics (PDF)
Sports Market Business Study 2016 (PDF)
City of Morgan Hill, Adopted Operating and CIP Budget, Fiscal Years 2016-17 and 2017-18
City of Morgan Hill Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2016 (PDF)
Plan Bay Area Jobs Housing Connection Strategy, May 2012. (PDF)

For more information on the project please contact John Lang at or 408-310-4652.