Public Safety Master Plan

Public Safety has been the City Council's highest priority and as a result, Morgan Hill enjoys a solid reputation as a safe city.

This reputation has been earned by:​

  • Lower than average crime rate.
  • Residents feel safe.
  • Few structural fires and resulting property losses.
  • Meeting the established Emergency Medical Services (EMS) response time
  •  goal of 8 minutes or less, 95 percent of the time.

In 2016, the City Council commissioned a Public Safety Master Plan (PSMP) to assess current Fire and Police Department service levels and provide a foundation for future City Council policy decisions. In alignment with this goal, a majority of General Fund revenues are allocated to Public Safety.

The PSMP will serve as a foundational document for service delivery decisions well into the future. The goal is to maintain Morgan Hill's quality of life by ensuring Public Safety remains the top priority.
Public Safety Master Plan Final Document