Development Projects

Significant Projects Update

If you are interested in significant residential, commercial or industrial projects that are in the City's pipeline, you can view a slide presentation (August 2021) that provides a brief description of each project and current status.  

Significant Projects Update - October 2021 (pdf)

Weekly Project Submittals

Weekly reports from the City's permit tracking system of planning applications submitted the previous week will be posted every Monday.  Please note that these applications are not considered complete - the City has 30 days from date of submission to determine an application complete.  Project pages will not be created until an application is considered complete.  Follow this link to view reports by week.  

Explore Planning Permits

Permit data from 2018 to present is displayed below.  Planning permits are divided up between Commercial, Industrial and Residential projects.

  • Design Review (SR Permit Prefix)
  • Sub-Division (SD Permit Prefix)
  • Use Permits (UP Permit Prefix)
  • General Plan Amendment (GPA Permit Prefix)
  • Zoning Amendment (ZA Permit Prefix)

For each project you will find project description, project manager, status and links to posted environmental documents (The City posts Initial Studies and Environmental Impact Reports)  or Planning and City Council decisions/documents. 

With the permit number (example. SR2021-0001) you can use the City’s permit system to look up information on the project as well.

Click on [  ] to expand the map or click here.

Click on []  below to display the interactive map menu to select  commercial, residential or industrial projects. 

Planning Permit Data 

The City of Morgan Hill on an annual basis receives close to 100 planning permit applications for a variety of project.  The following report reflects planning applications applied for beginning in 2018 to current. 

Planning Permit Applications received* (pdf)
*Applications received include: 330 Preliminary, Design Review, General Plan Amendment, Residential Development, Subdivision, Use Permit, Zoning Amendment, Zoning Confirmation

With the permit number (ex. SR2020-0001) you can use the City’s permit system to look up information on the project.

Where is Building Permit information?

You can find data on our building permits by visiting the Building and Fire Prevention page to get monthly or annual permit reports.