Monterey - AMG (SB35-Affordable Housing Streamline Project)

MISC2021-0002: Monterey - AMG

This project is a 100 percent affordable housing development project. The project would include a 206,865 square foot development of a six-story residential building (includes a podium level), with approximately 290 studio units and 55 parking spaces to be developed on a 1.96-acre site. The existing auto shop will be demolished, and two residential buildings will be relocated. 

The City of Morgan Hill has independently calculated the distance from the project to the Caltrain station and it exceeds a half-mile. Therefore, the City has determined that the project is not eligible for the unlimited density bonus or the increase in height of the three additional stories or 33 feet.  As a 100 percent affordable development, the project would be eligible for Density Bonus and would be limited to 80 percent of the number of units for lower income households. Based on this calculation, the site would be permitted a maximum of 84 units.  


17910 and 17920 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill, CA
APN(s) 726-25-001 and 726-25-002

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Notice of Scoping Consultation

AMG and Associates, LLC has filed a Notice of Intent to file a residential development project utilizing the streamlined, ministerial approval process provided by Government Code §65913.4.