Second Chance Week

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In recognition of the many benefits of reuse, Morgan Hill, Gilroy and South County will be holding our 13th annual "Second Chance Week" September 12th through the 20th, 2015. With the goal of putting more used stuff back into circulation and keeping it out of landfills, "Second Chance Week" features a diverse range of innovative Reuse, Resale and Repair activities.This year's events will include:

  •     The popular South County Community-Wide Garage Sale
  •     Freecycle Day
  •     Universal Waste Awareness Day
  •     Donate and Shop at Local Thrift Stores Day
  •     Donate Coats for Kids and Adults Day
  •     2nd Sight Day - donate used eyeglasses to the Lion's Club
  •     Recycle Your Cycle Day - donate old bikes for reuse

Click here to view the event flyer. If you have any questions about the event, send us an email or call (408) 776-7333.
​ South County Garage Sale DaysSouth County Garage Sale Image for Web

The popular South County Garage Sale Days event will be held the weekend of September 12th and 13th in Gilroy and September 19th and 20th in Morgan Hill/San Martin. Applications are due no later than Friday, September 4th (for Gilroy sales) or Friday, September 11th (for Morgan Hill/South County sales). A complete list of participating addresses will be available here on September 11th for Gilroy sales and September 18th for Morgan Hill/San Martin sales.
​Garage Sale Signs
If you plan to put up any Garage Sale signs, please be advised that it is illegal and unsafe to place them on poles, trees, roadway signs and in road medians or parkways (Morgan Hill Municipal Code Section 8.16.150). They may only be placed of private property. After the sale, please remember to promptly remove any signs that you have posted.
Garage Sale Resources
In our ongoing effort to minimize waste, we no longer offer Garage Sale Kits. Instead, we are offering a collection of Garage Sale Resources in an electronic format. Please click here to view and download these resources.