Morgan Hill Splash Youth Swim & Water Polo Team

The Morgan Hill Splash is a recreational year round swim program that offers fun and fitness to children between the ages of 5 and 18. Each participant has the option of participating year round or for the summer months only.
The focus of our coaches is to make swimming fun while also building the participants endurance and skills. Adult Coached Masters is also available. All practices will be held at the Morgan Hill Aquatics Center Competition pool.

What to Expect at Practice

The Morgan Hill Splash Swim Team is based on 3 simple functions: Fun, Family, and Fundamentals! Our practices will be run with these ideas in mind! We believe that swimming should be fun, and that the kids enjoy themselves. We will start with a warm-up either in the pool or on deck with dry-land training. Our swim sets aim at improving the strokes and endurance of our swimmers. We understand the importance of proper technique, so we’ll spend the time necessary with each swimmer to achieve this. Each practice will end with a fun activity, such as a relay race or game that still implements the fundamental swim skills.

Splash Synchronized Swimming

The Splash Synchro program is designed to teach youth the basic skills of Synchronized swimming in a safe and fun environment.  This program runs in conjunction with the Splash Swimming and Water Polo.  Coach Kelly currently has two groups.

Splash Spring Synchro Schedule

Tuesday:  5pm - 6pm


Splash Spring Swim Schedule 
June 11 - August 10th

Mini Dolphins
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday:             4pm - 4:45pm
Friday:                                               10am - 10:45am

Stripe Dolphins
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday:              4:15pm - 5pm                    
Friday:                                               9:30am - 10:15am

Blue Dolphins

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday:             5pm - 6:15pm
Wednesday:                                      9am - 10am
Friday:                                               8:30am - 9:30am


Monday/Tuesday/Thursday:              5pm - 6:30pm
Wednesday:                                      9am - 10:30am
Friday:                                               8:30am - 10am


Splash New Spring/Summer Water Polo Schedule
Tuesday:  4pm - 5pm
Thursday:  4pm - 5pm

Splash Youth Water Polo

This program is designed to teach youth the game of Water Polo in a safe and fun environment. The program runs in conjunction with the Splash Swim Team, so participants are encouraged to participate in the 2 weekly water polo practices as well as 1 - 3 swim team workouts per week. To participate in practices, youth should be comfortable in deep water and have some swimming skills. Youth ages 8 - 13 are eligible to play.

Splash Team Fees

  • Monthly Payment Option $85/month CRC Membership
  • Summer Payment Option, check back for 2018 dates and fees.