Posted on: January 16, 2018

Take Our Tree Planting Survey

Tree Planting Image for Newsflash

This year the City of Morgan Hill was offered two tree planting grants that will allow us to plant over 900 new trees that will combat air and water pollution while adding beauty to the landscape of Morgan Hill. With these grants, the City will be planting hundreds of trees along the Butterfield Channel between Railroad and East Dunne, at the Outdoor Sports Center, and in other areas designated by the grants. These grants allow City staff and the Morgan Hill community to work together to develop a comprehensive urban forest management plan that will address social, economic, environmental, and public health needs for the next 40 years. Be part of the transition into a more sustainable future by taking a few moments to complete a short survey that will allow the City to better understand the needs of the Morgan Hill community for all future tree plantings. We value your opinion! Click here to take this brief survey.

For more information or to express interest in joining our Urban Forest Advisory group, please contact Christina Raby at christina.raby@morganhill.ca.gov or 669-253-4251.

Urban Forest Survey
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