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Parks and Recreation

  1. Add Player

    Use this form to add a player to an Adult Sports Team

  2. Adopt-A-Park/Creek/Trail Individual/Family Application
  3. Maintenance Issue Report
  4. Membership Change Request
  5. New CRC Membership Form

    Thank you for your interest in a Centennial Recreation Center membership! Please complete this form and a member of our team will... More…

  6. Recreation & CRC Customer Comment Form
  7. Request for Service - City Park and Facility Maintenance
  1. Adopt-A-Park/Creek/Trail Group Application
  2. Aquatics Center Lane Exchange
  3. Membership Cancellation Request
  4. Membership Hold Request
  5. Rec Guide Mailing List Sign Up

    If you would like to receive a mailed copy of the Morgan Hill recreation activity guide, please complete and submit this form.

  6. Remove Membership from Hold Early Form

    Please complete and submit this form. Once received, our membership team will email you with next steps to process your membership.

  7. Splash Membership Form

    Thank you for your interest in a Splash Swim Team membership! Our team will email you a membership application and information on... More…