Morgan Hill, California

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El Toro Trail
Project Goals and Objectives
El Toro Trail
El Toro Trails - OSA Trail (Red) / City Trail (Blue)
Provide a non-paved public trail, meeting City Trail Study guidelines, to the top of El Toro Mountain. Project will be phased to take advantage of City-owned property and to maximize coordination with the Open Space Authority (OSA).
The City is exploring options for trailheads located below El Toro Mountain.  The City has held and will continue to hold community meetings to obtain feedback and to address concerns regarding safety, parking, litter, privacy, fire and wildlife impacts.

The OSA has acquired lands to the south of El Toro Mountain and intends to provide a trail on that property. Currently, neither the City nor the OSA has property rights over the El Toro summit area which would be required to provide a trail all the way to the top. Until those summit rights are secured, a trail network will be established on the lower portion of the mountain (phase 1). Phase 2 will be the portion of the trail that actually makes the summit.

The City and OSA will partner to create the trail network with the OSA leading the property acquisition effort and the City providing necessary CEQA clearance and construction materials. Both agencies will assist with design and construction. The City could potentially contribute to the property rights acquisition.

Contact Information
For additional Information please email David Gittleson or contact the Community Development Agency at (408)778-6480.