Oak Meadow Plaza

USA-05-02/ANX-06-01/GPA-11-04/ZA-06-01/ZA-11-13: EDMUNDSON - OAK MEADOW PLAZA

The proposed project consists of four parcels on approximately 52 acres located in unincorporated Santa Clara County generally located north of West Edmundson Avenue, and west of Sunset Avenue (APNs 767-15-026, 767-19-028, 767-19-020 and 767-19-024).

The project proposes to expand the Urban Services Area boundary, pre-zone and annex into the city approximately 20 acres to allow the future development of 54 single-family dwellings, pre-zone / annex into the city and amend the General Plan land use designation for approximately 31 acres as Open Space, and amend Action statement 7.5 of the General Plan. Open space easements are proposed on lands with slopes of 10% and greater. Access to the future development would be from existing city streets.

Initial Study