Garbage & Recycling

California Law

Like all cities in California, state law requires the City of Morgan Hill to divert 50% of its waste away from landfills. The goal of our solid waste management services program is to meet or exceed this diversion rate in order to protect the environment and public health and safety.

Voluntarily Meeting the Mandate

The City of Morgan Hill has challenged its residents to voluntarily meet the state mandated diversion goals through recycling and waste reduction. As a community, we are unusual because we are asking you to voluntarily recycle and reduce the amount you throw in the trash each month.

Other cities use a volume-based rate system which charges residents based on how much garbage they throw out. The more trash you generate, the higher your bill. Our City Council thinks Morgan Hill residents are different.

We in Morgan Hill pride ourselves on being a community that doesn’t rely on economic mandates to force us to recycle. Instead, we maintain our unlimited collection program because it’s more convenient for the residents, with the expectation that people are going to recycle because it’s the right thing to do - not because they don’t have room for their recyclables in their garbage can.