City Council Polices & Procedures by Policy Number

CP-90-01 Audio Tapes Retention Period (PDF)
CP-94-01 Assignments to Outside Agencies (PDF)
CP-94-02 Criteria for Adjustment of the Urban Service Boundary (PDF)
CP-94-04 Investment Policy (PDF)
CP-94-09 Proclamation Policy (PDF)
CP-94-11 Responsibility of City Council During City Disaster/Emergency (PDF)
CP-94-13 Street Naming Policy (PDF)
CP-96-01 Placement of Items on the Agenda and Matters to be Reconsidered by the City Council (PDF)
CP-96-02 Policy Regarding Term and Selection of Chair and Vice Chair/City Boards and Commissions (PDF)
CP-96-03 Provision of Water and Sewer Service Outside City Limits (PDF)
CP-97-01 Rules for the Conduct of City Council Meetings (PDF)
CP-98-02 Time Established for City Council Public Hearings (PDF)
CP-99-01 Selection of Mayor Pro Tempore - rescinds CP-94-05 and CP-98-03 (PDF)
CP-01-01 Nuisance Abatement Hearings Procedures (PDF)
CP-02-01 Environmental Performance of City Facilities (PDF)
CP-03-01 Public Hearing Procedures (PDF)
CP-03-02 Ex Parte Contacts (PDF)
CP-04-01 Settlement Authority (PDF)
CP-04-02 Naming of City Facilities (PDF)
CP-04-03 Medical Services Policy and Objectives (PDF)
CP-05-01 Ethics Policy (PDF)
CP-06-01 Early Start of Construction for Residential Projects Awarded a Building Allotment (PDF)
CP-06-02 City Council and Redevelopment Agency Meeting Schedule (PDF)
CP-06-03 Policy Relating to City Manager Authorization to Set and Revise Recreation and Community Services Department Fees (PDF)
CP-06-04 Tentative Subdivision Map Approval Prior to the Award of Building Allocations through the Residential Development Control System (PDF)
CP-07-01 Policy for Establishing Procedures for Scoring and Awarding the 100 Allotments Made Available November 2006 - Competition (PDF)
CP-07-02 Policy for Establishing Procedures for Scoring and Awarding the 100 Allotments Made Available November 2006 - No Competition (PDF)
CP-07-03 Capital Financing and Debt Management (PDF)
CP-07-04 Residential Development Control System Implementation Policies (PDF)
CP-07-05 Processing Applications for General Plan Amendments and Urban Service Area (USA) Boundary Amendments (PDF)
CP-07-06 Community Sponsorship Policy (PDF)
CP-08-01 Bottled Water Policy (PDF)
CP-08-02 Reduction in Paper Use (PDF)
Identity theft prevention program and procedures related to notices of address discrepancies - Res 6269 (PDF)
Policy Guidance For Decisions On Exception to the Loss of Building Allocation (ELBA) Requests Filed by Developers (PDF)
Allocations for On-Going Projects (PDF)
Use of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Food Containers at City Facilities (PDF)
Processing and Acquisition of Transferable Development Credits (TDC) Policy (PDF)
 CP-14-01  Agricultural Lands Preservation Program
 CP-15-01 Temporary Banners Preceding Special Events on City Property
 CP-17-01 Wage Theft Prevention
CP-17-02  Flag Raising
CP-18-01  Suicide Prevention
CP-18-02  Downtown Street Closures
CP-18-03  Council and Commission Email

CP-18-04  Rules for the Conduct of Planning Commission Meetings