Morgan Lane (Main-Glenrock)

Morgan Lane (ZA-12-04, SD-12-04, DA-12-05, EA-12-06: Main-Glenrock)
The project is located between Calle Siena and East Main Avenue, and is approximately 350 feet northeast of Grand Prix Way. Butterfield Boulevard is approximately 0.4 miles west and Highway 101 is approximately 0.4 miles east of the site.

The proposed project would allow for the subdivision and development of 12 residential lots and improvements to an existing open space area. Other proposed improvements include:

  • A new public street
  • Landscaping
  • New stormwater facilities
  • Sidewalks
  • Sound walls and retaining walls

An easement within the public open space area will also be reserved for a public well site. Improvements to the open space area will include a new concrete pathway to connect the new residential area to an existing pathway and new retention basins.

Initial Study

Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration