East Dunne Park (Dunne-KB Home)

East Dunne Park (ZA-13-08/SD-13-09/DA-13-06/EA-13-08: Dunne-KB Home)
The 5.07-acre project site is located on the south side of Dunne Avenue, between Pine Way and Peppertree Drive (1630 East Dunne Avenue; APNs 817-19-043 and 817-71-054).

The project site is designated Single-Family Medium (3-5 dwelling units/acre (du/ac)) in the General Plan and zoned R1-7,000. The project proposes demolition of existing on-site structures and other improvements and subdivision of the property into 23 residential lots. The project also includes grading and site improvements (including open space, drainage facilities, and landscaping), access and roadway improvements, and development of the residential units. The number of residential units proposed is in compliance with the Single-Family Medium (3-5 du/ac) General Plan designation for the site. The project applicant requests a zoning amendment to R1-7,000 PD (Planned Development overlay district) and approval of a precise development plan for the project. Approval of the PD overlay will allow development of the site with reduced setbacks, lot widths and lot sizes which would otherwise be required under the R1-7,000 zoning district.

Initial Study/Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration