Ciolino-City of Morgan Hill

Ciolino-City of Morgan Hill (GPA-14-07/ZA14-02/EA-14-07)
The proposed project is located at the southwest corner of Monterey Road and Ciolino Avenue, in the City of Morgan Hill, CA.

The proposed project includes program-level land use entitlements which include a General Plan Amendment and a Rezone to permit the future development of multi-family housing on the project site. A specific development plan has not been submitted at this time. Future development is anticipated to consist of an 8- to 12-unit multi-family affordable housing project, including connections to existing water, sewer, and storm drain lines located in the surrounding road right-of-ways. Primary access to the proposed units is anticipated to be provided from Ciolino Avenue.

Project land use entitlements include the following:
General Plan Amendment from Commercial to Multi-Family High Density Residential (MFH); and
Rezone from General Commercial District (GC) to R-4 High-Density Residential District (R4).

Initial Study
Initial Study (PDF)
Appendices (PDF)