Condit-Evergreen (GPA-13-01/ZA-14-13)
The proposed project consists of three parcels on approximately 18.1 acres generally located southwest of the intersection of Condit Road and San Pedro Avenue (APNs 817-12-006 and 817-12-009).

The project will change the General Plan designation for the site from Commercial to Multi-Family Medium Residential and will rezone the site from CG to R-3 Medium Density Residential District. If approved, the GPA will support future development of the site with up to 381 residential dwelling units. The proposed project is for basic policy changes (GPA, rezoning, and PD overlay) and not for a specific development plan. A program-level EIR will be prepared for the project in accordance with the CEQA and City of Morgan Hill standards.

Condit-Evergreen (GPA-13-01/ZA-14-13)

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Draft Environmental Impact Report


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