Utility Undergrounding

The project will enhance the side streets connecting the commercial hub of Monterey Road with the transit center and public parking located along Depot Street. The following streets will be enhanced with a major utility undergrounding, and new street lights:

  • First Street between Monterey and Depot
  • Second Street between Monterey and Depot
  • Third Street between Monterey and Del Monte

The clutter of overhead wires along these side streets presents safety and reliability problems with PG&E, Verizon, and Charter services and an extremely unattractive visual environment for residents and businesses. Thesse overhead wires will be placed underground in approved conduits. In addition, the removed wires will provide space for new LED street lights to be installed to improve safety and provide enhanced pedestrian comfort. Some funding is also available to remove and repair damaged sidewalks throughout the entire downtown area bounded by Del Monte to the west, Depot to the east, Dunne Avenue to the south and Main Avenue to the north. As the plan for Downtown matures and with the new parking structure, new functional improvements will be made to the Third Street Promenade including removal of concrete bollards, removal of the fountain and park area, and establishment of a pedestrian and bicycle friendly thoroughfare between Monterey Road and Depot.

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