Home Occupations

A home occupation is a business use that is operated out of a residence. Before conducting a business out of your home, contact the Finance Department for a Business License application for a home based business. Applications will require review and approval by various city departments prior to issuance of a business license.


The criteria used by the Planning Division for reviewing home occupation applications can be found in Chapter 18.92.060 of the Zoning Code, and generally include the items listed below. Please refer to Chapter 18.48 for a complete and detailed list of the home occupation criteria.
  • The business use shall be clearly incidental and secondary to the residential use
  • The home occupation shall be carried on solely by a resident of the home and conducted only in one room of the residence or garage
  • The appearance of the residence shall not be altered, and no signs or displays shall be used to identify the home occupation
  • The following uses are expressly prohibited:
    • Dance studios
    • Dating services
    • Massage parlors
    • Photo schools
    • Repair or construction of motor vehicles and large appliances