Group Exercise Sub List

Group Exercise Sub List Feb 16th – 22nd                


Saturday 16th  

8:30am Step – Melissa Y.

10:30 Zumba – Katie P.

11:30am Yoga - Ellen


Sunday 17th

8:00am TRX – Lisa


Monday 18th

8:30am Step – Melissa Y.

9:30am Body Pump (this will be a full Body Pump class) – Melissa Y.

10:00am 50+ Pilates is Cancelled (CCC is Closed)

11:00am Intro to Pilates is Cancelled (CCC is Closed)

5:30pm Body Pump – Marivel

6:30pm Pilates – Susie D.


Tuesday 19th

8:30am Yoga – Ariana

10:00am Chair Yoga – Frida

11:00am Chair Yoga – Frida


Wednesday 20th  

4:35pm TRX - Lisa

7:30pm POUND will be Body Pump – Melissa Y.


Thursday 21st  

8:30am Yoga – Barb

10am 50+ Yoga – Doris

11am Yoga (CCC) – Theresa

12pm Yoga (CCC) – Theresa


Friday 22nd  

10:00am Chair Yoga – Barb

10:30am Yoga - Debbie

11:00am Chair Yoga – Barb

5:30p UJAM – Fanja