Complete Streets 6 Month Pilot Project

Complete Streets


In response to the community’s request for a less noisy, safer, more bike and pedestrian friendly downtown the City council authorized a six month pilot complete street program for Monterey Road. The pilot program reduces Monterey Road from 4 lanes (2 in each direction) to 2 lanes (1 in each direction) for 6 months. On August 6, 2014 City Staff went to the City Council requesting approval to develop a lane reduction pilot program with Alta Planning + Design as the experts. Alta Planning + Design worked with the city, hosted meetings with the stake holders and implemented a “tactical urbanism demonstration” (weekend trial of two alternative street configurations) to develop a recommendation on a pilot program to test road narrowing through the downtown as a traffic calming measure.  The Council approved the pilot program in the context of complete streets, and not limiting the program to a lane reduction.

Since February 18th  Monterey Road has been narrowed from Main to Dunne to one lane in each direction. To re-purpose the number two lane, a buffered bicycle lane has been created. This change to Monterey Road was implemented to determine whether or not a lane reduction will:

  • Improve livability and economic vitality
  • Enhance pedestrian environment
  • Safely accommodate bicyclists
  • Reduce noise and air pollution
  • Create an attractive, thriving and vibrant community gathering place
  • Foster a safe and inviting experience for all
  • Preserve mobility for those accessing businesses, schools, services, transit and other key destinations.

Project Completion Update

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 a full report was provided to the City Council on the Complete Street Pilot project. Approximately 45 community members and business owners spoke both for and against continuing with a one lane configuration on Monterey Road through the downtown core. After significant conversation and deliberation, the City Council made a decision to return to four lanes on Monterey Road (two lanes in each direction) with further traffic calming measures implemented.

Due to the current construction on Monterey Road there will continue to be only one vehicle travel lane available through the end of October/mid November. When the construction is complete you can expect the roadway to be returned to 4 lanes with new traffic calming measures.