Monterey Central - ECA

The proposed project site encompasses approximately 0.9-acre and is currently vacant. According to the site-specific arborist report, a total of 28 trees are located on-site, many of which are native oaks. The vacant site, which has been tilled, is partially-covered with ruderal vegetation. Telecommunication vaults are located along the northern boundary of the site, as well as a storm drain manhole. Sidewalks are not present along the project’s East Central Avenue and McLaughlin Avenue frontages. The project site has historically been used for agricultural purposes.

The applicant proposes to develop eight two-story residential buildings and six three-story residential buildings, consisting of a total of 14 single-family attached units. A new vehicular access would be provided from McLaughlin Avenue. Buildings would have a 20-foot setback from Monterey Road and East Central Avenue in order to accommodate front yard landscaping and porches. The project would include curb, gutter, and sidewalk improvements along the project frontage on East Central Avenue and McLaughlin Avenue. In addition, a four-foot path would be constructed throughout the site, which would connect the proposed project site to the new sidewalks along East Central Avenue and McLaughlin Avenue.

Notice of Intent (PDF)

Initial Study