Landscape Assessment Districts

In 1991 the City Council of the City of Morgan Hill (the “City”), State of California, under the Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972 (the “Act”), created the Fox Hollow/Murphy Springs Landscape Assessment District, and in 2010 chose to rename it to the City of Morgan Hill Landscape Assessment District No. 1 (the “District”). The District was formed in order to provide for the continued maintenance, operation, and administration of various improvements within the boundaries of the District. Following the initial formation, additional territory was annexed to the District as separate Zones. Currently the District is comprised of 20 Zones.

The City Council has directed NBS Government Finance Group, DBA NBS (“NBS”) to prepare and file a report for Fiscal Year 2016/17 in accordance with Chapter 1, Article 4 of the Act presenting plans and specifications describing the general nature, location and extent of the improvements to be maintained; an estimate of the costs to maintain, operate, and service the improvements for the District for the referenced fiscal year; a diagram for the District showing the area and properties to be assessed; and an assessment of the estimated costs to maintain and service the improvements, stating the net amount to be assessed upon all assessable lots or parcels within the District in proportion to the special benefit received.

Future Meeting
The Morgan Hill City Council considers approving the report for the City's Assessment District annually in the late Spring / early Summer each year. Dates for these meetings will be posted once scheduled.

For information about Landscape Assessment Districts and meetings, please contact Chris Ghione at 408.782.9154 or For information on maintenance issues, please contact Dale Dapp at 408.310.4176 or