Application Process

Applying for a Permit

  • A Building Permit Application (PDF) must be completed and a plan check fee paid at the time of submission. Check, cash, VISA and MasterCard are accepted as payment for plan check and permit fees.
  • If plans are required, each sheet of the plans and calculations must be signed by the design professional. Digital signatures are acceptable.
  • Incomplete or inaccurate information may result in rejection or a delay in processing.

Submitting Plans
Upon submittal of your plans to the Building Division, plans will be routed to the following departments as necessary:

Checking the Status
You may call the Building Division at 408-778-6480 regarding the status of your plan check. Once comments are received from all reviewing departments, the Building Division will provide those comments to you for corrections. However, you may contact the reviewing department directly if you have questions regarding their specific comments.

Signing for Permits
Contractors signing for permits will be required to provide proof of:

  • City of Morgan Hill Business License
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance
  • State Contractor's License

Please note: If the owner of the company holding the contractor's license is not present to sign for the permit, a letter of authorization from the owner will be required authorizing an employee / agent to sign on behalf of the owner.

Owner/Builders signing for permits will be required to complete the Notice to Owner/Owner's Acknowledgement (PDF) form.