Retail Opportunities

Within the City of Morgan Hill there are a range of retail opportunities and offerings.  Downtown Morgan Hill has evolved into one of Silicon Valley's Hottest dining destinations.  The City of Morgan Hill is served by both power centers as well as neighborhood shopping centers.   In addition, the City through it's active Auto Dealer Policy has identified key opportunity sites.

Demographic Reports

The following reports provide detailed demographic and industry information:

Downtown Retail Opportunities Map

Downtown Development Projects with New Retail being programmed.
  • #3 Edes Building (W. 2nd Street & Monterey)
  • #5 Barley Place (Depot Street & Main Avenue)
  • #6 City Ventures Project (2nd and 3rd Streets and Depot)
  • #7 Granada Hotel (Monterey & E. 1st Street)
  • #8 Sunsweet Project (3rd and 4th Streets and Depot)
  • #13 LoneStar Development (Monterey & E. 2nd Street)

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Shopping Centers

Auto Dealers Key Opportunity Sites (see Morgan Hill Opportunities Google Map)
  • Condit Road & Murphy
  • Dunne Avenue & 101
  • Cochrane Road & 101
  • Tennant Avenue & 101

Development Opportunities

The City of Morgan Hill has partnered with Oppsites to highlight opportunity sites within Morgan Hill for future development.

View Morgan Hill Development Sites on OppSites