Demonstration Gardens in Morgan Hill

In an effort to address California’s drought and to lower City-wide water use, the City of Morgan Hill incorporated water restricting regulations and has been working on converting several of its public facilities' lawns to drought tolerant landscapes. Locations across the City of Morgan Hill have been converted to low water using, demonstration gardens that encompass efficient irrigation practices and planting methods, significantly saving water. This includes planting drought tolerant plants, installation of efficient irrigation, use of beneficial ground cover, installation of permeable hardscape and natural decorative pieces.

The public is encouraged to view the demonstration gardens to see firsthand how low water landscapes can be put together.  The demonstration gardens located at the Morgan Hill Civic Center, Community Center and Courthouse Plaza are constructed to be teaching tools for the public, providing information on how to incorporate such design into their own gardens. Other converted landscapes at public facilities are also available for viewing throughout Morgan Hill.

The Civic Center Plaza Demonstration Gardens display drought tolerant, native California plants and compatible hardscape materials. 

The Water Conservation Garden on the grounds of the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center demonstrates different gardening practices, plants, irrigation methods and a variety of hardscapes that significantly save water. 

On top of these water efficient practices, the public is encouraged to delve further into other eco-friendly and sustainable methods inside and out of the garden. This would include such practices as composting, gray water system use, use of recycled materials, eco-friendly pest management and companion planting.  For more helpful information about the demonstration gardens including features and plant lists, please click on the title of each demonstration garden below.