WaterSmart Program

The City of  Morgan Hill has partnered with WaterSmart Software to provide our customers with a more complete understanding of their water use. An educational, bimonthly Home Water Report is sent to single-family residential customers that provides information about their home's water use. Use WaterSmart to see how you compare to similar homes in Morgan Hill and track your water saving progress.

The bimonthly report and the companion online portal will help you:

  • View and understand your recent water use in gallons and how it compares to similar households throughout Morgan Hill.
  • Find easy and effective tips to save water and money, with step-by-step advice.
  • Sign-up to receive notifications and e-mail alerts if your water consumption indicates a possible leak.
  • Sign-up to receive your Home Water Report by email.
  • Track your water consumption over time to see how you've become more efficient.
  • View a breakdown of your water use to see where and when you are using the most.

Register your WaterSmart Account

For more information, call 408-779-7221 or email the Utility Billing Department.