Residential Re-Roofs

The Permit Application (PDF) for a reroof permit may be emailed to the Building Division. You will be notified when it is ready for pick-up.  Or if you would like to fax in your application and have the permit mailed to you via USPS, click here for the Fax / Mail Permit Application and Instructions (PDF).

Re-Roof Performed by Contractor
If you are going to have a contractor perform the work, the contractor should obtain the permit for you. The contractor will need to provide proof of a current C-39 Contractor's License, Workers' Compensation Insurance, and a current City of Morgan Hill business license. Call 669-454-3100 or apply online.
Re-Roof Performed by Owner
 If you obtain the permit for yourself, you are the party responsible for ensuring that the job meets all code requirements. You will be required to complete the Notice to Property Owner and Owner's Acknowledgement (PDF) form prior to issuance of the permit. If you are going to install the roof yourself, you will need to know the following: 

  • Number of squares (100 square feet equals approximately 1 square)
  • Roof life expectancy
  • Thickness of sheathing
  • Type of roofing material to be used
  • Weight of felt

If you live in the Fire Hazard Severity Zone, a Class A (fire resistant) roofing material is required. You will need a roof final inspection and you will also be required to provide a Roof Sheathing Compliance Form (PDF) and a Certification of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Form (PDF) at the time of the Final.
For additional information, call the Building Division at 408-779-7241.

Compliance Forms