East Dunne-Kyono (Las Colinas)

East Dunne-Kyono (Las Colinas) Project EA2016-0009

The Las Colinas (proposed project) site consists of approximately 5.32 acres located at 505 East Dunne Avenue, Morgan Hill, California. The site is identified by Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) 726-02-014.

Currently, the northern portion of the project site consists of undeveloped, fallow agricultural land with remnant orchard trees scattered throughout. The southern portion previously included a single-family residence and various associated garages and sheds. However, all of the structures have been recently demolished, and the site is currently in an undeveloped state. The ground surface in the vicinity of the former residence has been subject to extensive disturbance as a result of soil remediation activities. The project site is bounded by East Dunne Avenue to the south, a multi-family apartment complex to the west (Creekside Village), a single-family residential subdivision and an associated public park to the north, and vacant land and a childcare facility (Morgan Hill KinderCare) to the east. Additional single-family residences are located south of the site across East Dunne Avenue.

The proposed project would include subdividing the site into 32-single-family lots ranging from 2,651 square feet to 5,940 square feet, creation of 15,841 square feet of open space, site preparation, grading, and associated improvements. The single-family lots would be organized around an internal circulation system consisting of both public roadways and private streets.

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