Weed and Hazardous Vegetation Abatement

Ensuring that weeds and hazardous vegetation are cleared and removed around structures is an important public safety activity for both the City and all residents. Under the right conditions, wildfires can spread rapidly and cause loss of life as well as significant property damage.

To promote public safety, the City has declared weeds and hazardous vegetation a nuisance and requires property owners to maintain their property and nearby public areas in a “fire-safe” condition for the period between May 1 and October 31 each year. Properties found to have hazardous conditions on them during this period, are subject to being added to the Weed Abatement Program which results in annual inspections and program charges.

The single best way to ensure that a property is not added to the program is to continuously maintain the property in a “fire-safe condition” between May 1 and October 31 each year.

The City contracts with Santa Clara County to administer the Weed Abatement Program. County staff inspect properties that are listed in the program annually and order abatement work to be completed by a contractor when minimum fire safety standards have not been met. The abatement charges for any work performed are included on the property’s tax statement as a special assessment.

Parcels are added to the Abatement Program in a number of ways; the most common is for an inspector to see a hazard in person. The office also receives complaints from the community and service requests or referrals from other public agencies. If your property has been added to the program, it will be monitored for three consecutive years. If no hazards are found during that period, your property may be removed from the program.

The clearance requirements for the Weed Abatement program are referred to as the Minimum Fire Safety Standards. Abating hazards in the spring to minimize the volume of combustible material improves program effectiveness during the peak fire season.

If you are aware of a property that is not being maintained in a fire-safe condition, you may report the hazard in one of the following ways:

1.         Report a hazard online.

2.         Call the Weed Abatement Service Request line at (408) 282-3145.

3.         Send the Weed Abatement program an email

4.         Download the Weed Hazard Mobile App