Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are offered at the Aquatics Center and Centennial Recreation Center (CRC) for those ages 6 months to adult. You can register for lessons at the Aquatics Center, CRC, or the Community and Cultural Center. 

Parents & Children Enjoying a Swim Lesson

Group Swim Lessons
Group lessons are offered as eight 30-minute lessons over 2 or 4 weeks, and taught by qualified instructors. Review the Group Swim Lesson Levels/Descriptions.

Private Swim Lessons
Private swim lessons for ages three years - adult, and for any level of ability, are available in 4-week sessions. Instruction is geared toward the individual's ability.

The private swim lessons are offered as an 8-class session, 30 minutes per class. The sessions are either Monday / Wednesday, Tuesday / Thursday, or Saturday (over 4 weeks or 8 weeks). One student is enrolled in the entire 8-class session.

The CRC and Aquatics Center do not accept rescheduling of missed classes for this program. Registration for these classes is on a 1st come, 1st served basis. Class listings for swim lessons can be found in the current Recreation Activity Guide.