Depot - Latala (EA2018-0013)

The Depot-Hale mixed-use project is located within the City of Morgan Hill in Santa Clara County. The project site encompasses the east side of Depot Street between Dunne Avenue and Fourth Street (APN’s 726-13-049 and 726-13-052), as well as the adjacent segment of Depot Street, and the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center (CCC) parking lot. 

The project proposes site preparation of a mixed-use development to include 49 residential units and a 3,076 square foot commercial office space in conjunction with the realignment of Depot Street to Church Street and East Dunne Avenue through the CCC parking Lot. The residential units will include two, three and four bedrooms.  Each building is three stories with heights varying from 39-feet and two inches to 43-feet and 10 inches. The mixed-use portion of the project site will be subdivided into two lots. Lot 1 would contain 33 of the 49 units and Lot 2 would contain 16 of the 49 units and the 3,076 square feet of commercial office space. A portion of Depot Street would be vacated to allow for the development on Lot 2 and construction of a cul-de-sac.

Initial Study

Noise Study

Traffic Study

Site Review Plans

The Final Master Environmental Impact Report (FMEIR) for the Morgan Hill Downtown Specific Plan was certified in November 2009 in conformance with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines Section 15175(a), which identified the impacts of the Downtown Specific Plan in order to streamline the later environment review of projects and approvals required to implement the Specific Plan. The intent was for the Downtown Specific Plan MFEIR to be a program-level document from which subsequent development consistent with the Specific Plan could tier from in conformance with CEQA Guidelines Section 15176(d)).

In addition, an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Morgan Hill 2035 Project, was prepared in accordance with CEQA and certified by the Morgan Hill City Council on July 27, 2016. (SCH #2015022074). CEQA Guidelines Section 15164 states that the lead agency or a responsible agency shall prepare an Addendum to a previously certified EIR if some changes or additions are necessary, but none of the conditions described in Section 15162 calling for preparation of a subsequent EIR have occurred. 

An Addendum was completed and provided CEQA analysis for the project as part of the adopted 2009 Downtown Specific Plan MFEIR. As part of the Addendum, a Transportation Impact Analysis concluded consistency with both the General Plan and Downtown Specific Plan. The Addendum found no impacts that were not previously disclosed in the General Plan FEIR or the Downtown Specific Plan Master FEIR, nor would it result in a substantial increase in the magnitude of any significant environmental impacts previously identified. This amendment to the DDA and Reimbursement Agreement is a fiscal change by nature, therefore will not result in a change to the outcome of the Addendum.