County and State Orders

Following the direction and orders of public health leaders to stay home except when necessary to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect our most vulnerable community members. The City urges all residents to do their part by following both the County and the State’s orders to stay home except when necessary, and following other guidance from our Public Health Department.

March 24, 2021 Update

Santa Clara County has moved to the Orange Tier of the Blueprint for a Safer Economy. 

Below is a summary of changes effective March 24, 2021. 

  • Indoor dining at maximum 50% capacity or 200 people, whichever is fewer;
  • Retail stores indoors with modifications;
  • Gyms and fitness centers indoors at maximum 25% capacity, with indoor pools open;
  • Movie theaters at maximum 50% capacity or 200 people, whichever is fewer;
  • Family entertainment centers indoors at maximum 25% capacity with modifications for areas of increased risk of proximity; and
  • Zoos, museums, and aquariums at 50% maximum indoor capacity.

For more information on what the State allows in the Orange Tier, visit the State's website.

Key rules remain in effect and applicable:

  • Telework: All businesses must continue to require workers to do their jobs from home whenever possible. Workers can go into work only to complete the job duties they can’t complete from home.
  • Social Distancing Protocol requirements: All businesses must complete and submit a Revised Social Distancing Protocol for each of their facilities on the County’s website at
  • Positive case reporting: All businesses (and governmental entities) are legally required to report to the Public Health Department within 4 hours if they learn that any of their workers are confirmed to be positive for COVID-19. They must also ensure workers alert them if they test positive.
  • Capacity Limitation and Metering: All businesses must comply with applicable capacity limitations. All businesses (except for acute care hospitals) with indoor facilities open to the public must establish a “metering system” to ensure that the applicable capacity limits are not exceeded by, for example, posting an employee at the facility entrance to track the number of people entering and exiting.
  • Indoor Breakroom Closure: All businesses (except acute care hospitals) must limit employees’ access to indoor workplace breakrooms as described in section 3 of the Mandatory Directive on Capacity Limitations.


On March 13th, 2020, the City of Morgan Hill proclaimed a local emergency related to COVID-19. The purpose of the emergency declaration is to give the City legal authority to mobilize resources in response to this unprecedented public health threat for the protection of the community and our City teammates. The action will also help ensure critical services have the resources needed to continue. Additionally, it allows the City to request mutual aid from regional, State, and other governmental entities.