Morgan Hill al Fresco Program


The Morgan Hill al Fresco program is an opportunity for restaurants and retailers to safely reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic by utilizing new or additional outdoor space for dining or displaying retail merchandise while meeting physical social distancing requirements. Morgan Hill al Fresco is a great way to expand square footage, add liveliness to city streets, and promote business recovery!

Businesses wishing to use on-street parking spaces, sidewalks, or other public spaces, can apply for a temporary encroachment permit from the City of Morgan Hill. It is fast, easy, and FREE!

City of Morgan Hill Temporary Encroachment Permit Application  

Required with Application:

  • Supplemental Diagram
  • Liability Insurance (coverage reduced for on-street spaces!)

To qualify for streamlined response:

  • No structure (decking) required—no Building Permit needed!
  • If new space is in sidewalk area, space must allow for pedestrian access
  • All spaces must be compliant with ADA requirements
  • If the new space is in the street, space must be safely closed off to traffic with a protection device certified by a structural engineer.

Submission and Review:

  • Submit application, insurance, photos, and diagram to: 
  • 1-3 day review period, depending on the need to review traffic safety measures

Additionally, all businesses need to obtain and conform with all governmental rules and regulations:

          Santa Clara County Public Health Social Distancing Guidelines       

          Santa Clara County Examples of Outdoor Dining Configurations - allowed and prohibited

               Temporary Catering Permit from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (if selling alcohol)