Redistricting 2021

District Based Elections

Cities with district-based elections are required to update (redistrict) the district boundaries every ten years, following the receipt of updated population data from each federal decennial census. Since the City of Morgan Hill has district-based elections for four Council Seats, the City must redistrict the district boundaries prior to the next election of Council Members in 2022.

Council Districts A and C were on the ballot on November 3, 2020, and Council Districts B and D will be on the ballot on November 8, 2022. Although the City established the district boundaries less than ten years ago, on September 6, 2017, for the November 2018 election, the boundaries are based on the 2010 federal census, which means the City must now update the boundaries through the redistricting process based on the 2020 federal census data.

Redistricting Process 2021-2022

As mentioned above, local governments use new data from the Census every ten years to redraw their district lines to reflect how local populations have changed. Assembly Bill 849 (2019) requires cities and counties to engage communities in the redistricting process by holding public hearings and/or workshops and doing public outreach, including to non-English-speaking communities. The City of Morgan Hill is asking for your help to draw new district boundaries for Council Members. 

The finalized maps that you will help us create will change how you elect your Council Members for the next ten years. 

When redrawing Council Member districts, our primary goal is to draw lines that respect neighborhoods, history, and geographical elements. So we want to know: What do you consider the boundaries of your neighborhood? 

Public Hearings

Public hearing to update the community on the redistricting process and to receive feedback about what neighborhoods and/or communities of interest should be taken into consideration while creating district boundaries

Public Hearing 1

This will be the first in a series of four public hearings to obtain public input on the future of redrawing the City Council Election district boundaries. The community's input is extremely important to this process.

The Hearing is open to the public and any person who attends will have the opportunity to be heard. Translation Services Available- 48 hour notice required. 

For further information regarding this matter, please contact the Office of the City Clerk: 408-310-4678 or email:

Pubic Hearing 1 Date and Time

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