Monterey-Kerley (DeNova Homes)

Project Number: SR2021-0014/SD2021-0004/EA2021-0012

Project Description: 

DeNova Homes, Inc. is proposing a 93-unit condominium development to be developed along Monterey Road between Peebles Avenue and Burnett Avenue. The site is currently being used as a recreational vehicle sales and service business (Family RV). The project will include 20 three-story buildings, with two and three bedroom units. 

Primary access will be provided from Monterey Road essentially at the current entry to Family RV. Because the site is bounded by other developed properties, there is no secondary public street access. An Emergency Vehicular Access (EVA) is proposed from Monterey Road near the southern property line. The Monterey Road frontage is proposed to be improved with a separated sidewalk, landscape parkway strip and a Class II bicycle lane (existing, but restriped).

Open space is located at the center of the site, with four buildings arranged to face the open space. This common area includes picnic tables, park benches, a shade structure and an exercise structure. A dog park has been placed along the eastern property line, adjacent to the mobile home park. Bike racks for “short-term” bike parking are scattered throughout the site.


The project site is approximately 4.6 acres. The site is located at 19380 Monterey Road (Family RV site). The land use of the site is Mixed Use Flex (7-24 du/ac) and the zoning is Mixed Use Flex (MU-F).


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Project Plans and Specifications

Environmental Review

An environmental analysis will be conducted during the entitlement processing of the project.