Low Income Discount

Customers residing in dwelling units which have individual city water meters may qualify for a low-income discount by presenting a copy of a current PG&E utility bill indicating that they are receiving the "CARE" discount from PG&E.

To request a low-income discount on your City of Morgan Hill utility account, please provide a copy of your most recent PG&E bill showing your name, service location and CARE discount. The customer name and service location on the PG&E bill must match the City of Morgan Hill Utility account.

Please email or mail a copy of the PG&E bill to:

          Email: utilitybilling@morganhill.ca.gov

          Mail:  Morgan Hill Utility Billing 
                      17575 Peak Ave #100
                     Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Biennial renewal occurs during the month of February of odd years. Discount will be cancelled if required renewal is not submitted by account holder.

 Current Low Income Discount Rates:
                     Water: $5.85
                     Sewer: $12.85