Workforce Information

Workforce Information
Morgan Hill is strategically located in Silicon Valley. Being only 10 minutes south of San Jose and along the 101 Freeway, Morgan Hill offers easy access to the region’s interstate and local and regional transportation network. Highway 101 provides access to the North Bay and the Central Coast. Morgan Hill is near three international airports and offers Caltrain service for the Bay Area commuters.

Businesses choose Morgan Hill because of its location, available land, and relative new and high-quality space for lower costs. Morgan Hill’s ideal location offers employees a reverse commute and access to the great outdoors, providing an ideal balance between jobs, housing recreation and open space. Over 1,000 companies including Anritsu, Fox Head, Paramit Corporation, Specialized Bicycle, TenCate Advance Composites, Lusamerica Foods, DeMonaco Foods, Young’s Market call Morgan Hill home.

Large Business Park
The city hosts 5.6 million square feet of commercial/industrial space, including one of the largest business parks in Silicon Valley, Morgan Hill Ranch. With over 17,500 employed residents, Morgan Hill has a significant and diverse employment base that has expanded rapidly over the past 2 decades, with strong prospects continued growth. According to a recent study by Strategic Economics, Morgan Hill’s employment base has grown rapidly over the past 2 decades, with an average increase of 370 jobs per year between 1990 and 2010.

Desirable Location
Thoughtful planning has made Morgan Hill one of the most desirable communities in Santa Clara County. The city has a population of nearly 39,000 residents and 17,500 employed residents. Residents and visitors enjoy several significant public facilities and recreational assets, as well as proximity to golf courses, lakes and outstanding county and state parks for outdoor activities.