Recycling at Home

Garbage/Recycling Service

Recology South Valley provides garbage service to the City of Morgan Hill. Give them a call at 408-842-3358 if you need to start service. Every residence will receive 1 48-gallon gray garbage cart at no charge. Additional garbage may be placed in your own 32-gallon cans. These cans must have handles and not weigh more than 50 pounds when full.

You will also be given 2 recycling containers, a 96-gallon green, wheeled cart for yard waste, food waste and food soiled paper and a 64-gallon brown wheeled cart for your recyclables (#1 through #7 plastics, glass and metal containers, mixed paper, cardboard). Residents can get as many containers as they reasonably need without charge. Call Recology at 408-842-3358 to request more containers. They will be delivered to your home within 5 - 7 business days.

Single-Stream Recycling

The City of Morgan Hill uses single-stream recycling. This means that all of your recyclables go into the same brown recycling cart. Studies have shown that the convenience of single-stream recycling leads to greater participation and increased recycling volumes, which helps reduce the amount of materials going to our landfills.

What Can I Recycle?

Our recycling program accepts cardboard, mixed paper, plastics coded 1 through 7 (no Styrofoam), glass, and metal in the brown recycling container. Yard waste, food waste and food soiled paper go in the green organics cart. We also accept used motor oil, oil filters and household batteries. Download a complete list of what's recyclable (PDF). You may also download Recology's "Recycling Made Easy" brochure or a printable Recycling Poster.

Not sure which cart to use? Use Recology's "What Bin?" tool to find out.


View the following tips, resources, and guidelines for recycling at home: