Recycling at Home

As a part of basic garbage service, Recology issues each residence a brown, 64 gallon cart for recycling, a green 96-gallon cart for organics, and a gray, 48 gallon cart for garbage. If you have more recycling than will fit in your container, you may have as many containers as you reasonably need to handle your recycling at no charge, from Recology. There is a charge for additional garbage carts from Recology, but additional garbage may be placed in your own 32-gallon cans. These cans must have handles and not weigh more than 50 pounds when full. Contact Recology to replace or repair missing or broken carts. 

Recology also collects used motor oil and filters at the curb. Call to ask for a special container for your used oil and a plastic bag for the filter will be delivered on your next recycling day.

The City will provide 2 under-the-sink containers to assist residents in storing their food wastes before taking them out to the organics cart. The City also offers free desk-side paper recycling boxes, which may be picked up at City Hall. Call 408-310-4169 for more information. 

Single-Stream Recycling
The City of Morgan Hill uses single-stream recycling. This means that all of your recyclables go into the same brown recycling cart. Our recycling program accepts cardboard, mixed paper, plastics coded 1 through 7 (no Styrofoam), glass and metal in the brown recycling container. Yard waste, food waste and food soiled paper go in the green organics cart. We also accept used motor oil, oil filters and household batteries. Use Recology's "What Bin?" Tool to find out what goes where. Recycling is collected every other week. If you want to know your service day, visit Recology's website.

Street Sweeping Schedule
Street sweeping in residential areas is scheduled for the day after recycling collection day. Friday customers are served on Monday. There are some exceptions to this sweeping schedule. If your address is on this list (PDF), your street will be swept on the Monday following your recycling day. All vehicles, trailers, and other items should be removed from the street on the street sweeping day in order to allow the sweeper access to the curb and gutter.  

Local Disposal Options

  • San Martin Transfer Station, 14070 Llagas Avenue, San Martin, 408-842-3358. 
  • Kirby Canyon Landfill, 910 Coyote Creek Drive, Morgan Hill, 408-779-2206.

Visit to find out where just about anything can be donated, reused
or recycled.

Annual Community Clean-Up Vouchers
Each residence in the Morgan Hill city limits receives two sets of vouchers per year from Recology for free trips to the San Martin Transfer Station. The vouchers are mailed directly to each service address in November and May by Recology. Each colored voucher is good for two visits to the San Martin Transfer Station to recycle household items that aren't accepted in the curbside recycling program and dispose of garbage that won't fit in your can. Call Recology if you do not receive your voucher or need more information on the program.