Oil & Oil Filter Recycling

Used motor oil and other automotive fluids should never be poured down the storm drain, in the sewer, or on the ground. You should recycle them!

If Your Home Receives Curbside Recycling

If you live in a home that receives curbside recycling of cans, paper, and other items, you can recycle your oil at the curb too.
  • Call Recology South Valley at 408-842-3358 and a special container for your used oil and a plastic bag for the filter will be delivered on your next recycling day.
  • Carefully funnel oil into the container.
  • Drain the filter into the container and secure the cap.
  • Place filter in plastic filter bag and seal.
  • Put the oil container and the bagged filter next to your recycling bin on your next recycling day.

If You Do Not Have Curbside Recycling

If your home does not have curbside recycling, you can bring your used oil and filters to:
  • FasterLube Complete Auto Service
    890 Tennant Station
    Morgan Hill, CA 95037
    Ph: 408-779-7373
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts
    16060 Monterey Road
    Suite 100
    Morgan Hill, CA 95037
    Ph: 408-776-7705
  • Autozone
    16025 Monterey Road
    Morgan Hill, CA 95037
    Ph: 408-778-2840
They accept oil and filters at no charge.