Voucher Program

Annual Community Clean-Up Vouchers

Each residence in the Morgan Hill city limits receives two sets of vouchers per year from Recology South Valley for free trips to the San Martin Transfer Station.

The vouchers are mailed directly to each service address in November and May by Recology South Valley. Each colored voucher is perforated down the middle and is good for two visits to the San Martin Transfer Station, which is located at:
14070 Llagas Ave.
San Martin, CA
Tuesday - Saturday
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Sunday/Monday - Closed

Recycle Voucher

The left portion is a Recycle Voucher. It allows one visit to recycle household items that aren't accepted in the curbside recycling program such as:
  • Wood (unfinished, untreated, and unpainted, up to 2 cubic yards)
  • Metals (2 household appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, and items that are over 50% metal such as bicycles and lawn mowers)
  • Electronic waste items (up to 2 items including computer monitors and televisions)

Clean-Up Voucher

The right portion is a Clean-Up Voucher that can be used to dispose of garbage that won't fit in your can. With this voucher, each household can bring:
  • Up to 3 cubic yards of garbage (painted wood, furniture, and other large non-recyclable items that won't fit in your can)
  • Up to 2 bulky items (example: couches and mattresses)
  • Up to 4 passenger car or light truck tires

Please Note

  • The transfer station no longer accepts dirt, rock, concrete or sod. These items may be taken to the Kirby Canyon Landfill, 910 Coyote Creek Drive in Morgan Hill. (408-779-2206)
  • Read the vouchers carefully before bringing your items to the transfer station
  • Lost vouchers will not be replaced
Call Recology South Valley at 408-842-3358 for more information.