Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

5 Year Capital Improvement Program

The Public Works Capital Improvement Projects Engineering section implements the city’s 5-year CIP. This section provides for the design and construction of capital projects with a combination of in-house and consultant staff. The section is augmented by consultants as needed on technical specialty work or time-constrained projects.

Highlighted Projects 

Also in progress is the Morgan Hill Magical Bridge Playground Project

Utilities Projects

Water System Upgrades  

Jackson #3 & Boys Ranch #2A Well Rehabilitation Project: This project constructed two new replacement wells, one at each site. The Boys Ranch #2A well is currently being reviewed by the Water Board prior to be putting online. The Jackson well will require a chlorine contact tank, which is currently under design.

New Main Avenue Well #3 Project: This project is complete. The project constructed a new building and well and can provide the City with up to 700 gallons per minute of additional drinking water. 

East Dunne Avenue Reservoir and Booster Station Project: This project will construct a new storage reservoir and booster station along East Dunne. 

Sewer System Upgrades

Lift Stations J and W Rehabilitation Project: The rehabilitation of lift station "J" and "W" involves the replacing old equipment (sewer pumps, isolation and check valving, power pedestal and enclosure, discharge piping, etc.), repairing and coating the existing underground structures, and site improvements (paving, lighting). Lift station "J" services a portion of the Jackson Oaks neighborhood and station "W" services a portion of the Paradise neighborhood.

Lift Stations K and F Rehabilitation Project: The rehabilitation of lift stations "K" and "F" is very similar to the work at lift stations "J" and "W" with equipment replacement and repairs to existing underground structures to improve system performance and reliability. Lift stations "K" and "F" services portions of the Holiday Lakes neighborhood.

Infiltration and Inflow Rehabilitation Project: Replace and/or repair existing sewer pipe defects at various locations throughout the City to reduce the inflow and infiltration impacts on the sewer system. The repair locations are identified by closed circuit television (CCTV) inspections and prioritized by the severity of the pipe defect.

Tennant Avenue Sewer Main Project: 
The project is complete. The Tennant Avenue Sewer Main Project upsized an existing 18-inch sewer line to a 27-inch sewer line along Tennant Avenue, between Railroad Avenue and Monterey Road. The low bidder was KJ Woods Construction at $2,148,000. The project was awarded at the July 17th City Council meeting and was substantially complete in May 2020.

Public Facilities Projects

Morgan Hill Library Addition Project:
The project is located at 660 West Main Avenue and involves constructing a building addition to the existing library and remodeling portions of the existing library building, entrance and parking lot to accommodate the new building addition.

Centennial Recreation Center (CRC) Expansion Project:
The project is located at 171 W. Edmundson Avenue and involves constructing a building addition to the existing CRC and remodeling portions of the site’s parking lot, landscaping, and irrigation system. 

Street & Roads Projects

Britton Middle School Safety Enhancement Project: The Britton Middle School Pedestrian Enhancement Project will improve pedestrian access and safety in the area surrounding Britton Middle School. The proposed improvements will include increased lighting, the undergrounding of overhead utilities along the west side of Monterey Road fronting the school, new sidewalk improvements along the school frontage on Central Avenue, and driveway modifications to both school driveways on Central Avenue to improve pedestrian safety at these locations for both students and residents in the area.  The contractor to begin mobilizing on June 1, 2021, and be completed by October 2021.

Main Avenue Bike Lane & Sidewalk Project: The project will install buffered bike lanes along Main Avenue between Butterfield and Condit. In addition, a small section will be widened to accommodate new bike lanes and new sidewalk. Green bike lane markings will further enhance the street corridor. The bid opening is scheduled for May 14 with construction commencing in July 2020.

The Maine Avenue Bike Lane & Sidewalk Project is substantially complete. The remaining work items include removing PG & E poles, street striping, tree planting and landscaping, and project clean-up. The removal of the PG & E poles has been delayed due to the number of wildfires this year. It is the intent of the City of Morgan Hill and the contractors, McKim Corporation, to minimize all impacts to residents and businesses nearby.

Madrone Channel Trail Project: Phase 1 improvements to the Madrone Channel Trail begins on October 15, 2020. This is the first of a two-phase project to provide a paved trail along the Valley Water’s Madrone Channel. This trail runs along the east side of Highway 101 for approximately 2.9 miles. The first phase is approximately 1.1 miles and includes a 6’ wide trail between Cochrane Avenue and Main Avenue. During the construction of this project from October 15 through the end of November, the Madrone Channel Trail will be closed from Cochrane Avenue to Main Avenue. This project is made possible by Valley Water through the Safe, Clean Water, and Natural Flood Protection Program. This project is also made possible by the MTC Transportation Development Act (TDA Grant) and the VTA Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA Grant).   

Storm Drainage Projects

Monterey/Llagas Creek Box Culvert Repair: Install concrete bottom to prevent erosion.