City Elections Official
The City Clerk administers federal, state, and local procedures through which local government representatives are selected. The Clerk assists candidates in meeting their legal responsibilities before, during, and after an election. From Election pre-planning to certification of election results and filing of final campaign disclosure documents, the City Clerk manages the process, which forms the foundation of our democratic system of government. 


The City of Morgan Hill uses the services of the County of Santa Clara Registrar of Voters’ Office to consolidate local elections. This results in significant cost savings to the citizens of Morgan Hill. Regular elections are held in the City of Morgan Hill on the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November of even-numbered years. Special elections may be called by the City Council and are held on dates as set forth in the California Elections Code.


Anyone who is 18 years of age and who is a resident and registered voter in the City of Morgan Hill may run for Mayor, Council Member, or City Treasurer.

Potential candidates are required to gather twenty valid signatures of registered Morgan Hill voters on a mandatory nomination form supplied by the City Clerk 

Based on an established schedule, candidates must file statements reporting all campaign contributions and expenditures for the designated time period. These reports are available online and in the City Clerk’s Office for public review.   


In Morgan Hill, the Mayor is directly elected at-large to serve a 2-year term. Council members are elected by district to serve a 4-year term. The City Treasurer is elected at-large to serve a 4-year term.

Candidate Guide

Campaign Contributions
In November 2018, the City Council adopted Resolution 20-061 accepting and defaulting to the State of California's campaign contribution limits. 

The campaign contribution limits for 2022 are as follows:

Contributor Sources
Person (individual, business entity, committee/PAC)Small Contributor CommitteePolitical Party

For more details visit the 
Fair Political Practices Commission Contribution Limits Webpage

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