Tree Removal

Some trees in the city are protected as significant trees by the municipal code. It is unlawful for any person to cut down, remove, poison, or otherwise kill or destroy, or cause to be removed any significant tree or community of trees on any city or private property without a permit.

Significant trees on residential properties include all indigenous species having a circumference of 18 inches or more measured at 4.5 feet vertically above the ground or immediately below the lowest branch, whichever is lower. 

Indigenous species are any trees native to the Morgan Hill region. Such trees include: oaks (all types), California Bays, Madrones, Sycamore, and Alder

All street trees, regardless of the type of tree are considered to be significant trees.

An approved tree removal permit is required to remove any significant tree.

Permit Submittal Requirements
A tree removal permit application (PDF) must be submitted to the Planning Division.

Additional Information
For more information, contact the Planning Division at 408-778-6480.