Compensation Terms

  • Regular wages refer to employee’s base pay in relation to position and years of service.
  • Employees earn overtime for hours worked that extend beyond 40 hours in one work week.
Special Pay
  • Holiday: Employees working in the public safety field, police and dispatch, receive 6.5% of base pay as holiday pay in lieu of paid holidays. Public safety is a 24 hour operation and holidays are not available to safety related employees.
  • Educational Incentive Pay: EIP encourages employees to continue higher education. Safety employees are eligible to earn up to an additional 7.5%.
  • Bilingual Pay: With the exception of management employees, those that speak a 2nd language and assist with communication and interpretation may receive up to an additional $150 if the department director feels this will help better serve the city. Currently, this additional pay includes Spanish speaking and American Sign Language.
  • Premium: The city recognizes certain skill sets among employees and offer a ‘premium’ on employee hourly rates such as an additional $1 per hour for field training officers, or 2.5% for specialized training in water systems. The premiums currently available include water certificate, field training officer, solo dispatch and court standby. Premiums are only paid on those hours worked in the designated duty.
  • Assignment: Assignment Pay is, for the most part, an additional 5% of base wages. Assignments are given to employees where a need exists for an employee to take on additional responsibilities and duties beyond the job description for that position. Currently special assignments include canine pay, out of class pay (working temporarily in a higher position), detective rotation and acting manager.
  • Cell phone: Certain positions are provided with a monthly cell phone allowance ranging from $50 to $65. The city has chosen to not provide cell phones to these employees but rather compensate them for work use of their personal phone.
  • Uniform: A uniform allowance, as pay, is provided to many positions in the Police Department.
  • Auto: Those employees who travel for work related business, work between multiple facilities and attend offsite meetings on behalf of the city may qualify for an auto allowance.
  • Fitness: To increase employee health and wellness the city provides a $35 per month contribution toward employee membership in city recreation facilities.
Other Pay
  • Paid Time Off: For detailed information on paid time off see the individual Labor Agreement.
  • Referral Bonus: To assist in the hiring of competent qualified police officers, the city provides a flat rate referral bonus of $1,500. Half is awarded to the referring officer upon hire of the new officer, and the other half when the new officer completes and passes a probationary period.
  • Deferred Compensation: For some employees the city pays a percentage of base wages to a deferred compensation plan. The current agreements with employees include a flat amount of 2% of base wages, or 3% to 5% depending on years of service for management employees.