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Apr 11

April is National Volunteer Month

Posted on April 11, 2023 at 4:28 PM by Nichole Martin

National Volunteer Month is a focused on recognizing volunteers and encouraging others to get involved through various volunteer opportunities in the community. We are so thankful to our many volunteers that help make our programs, facilities, and events the best they can be for our Morgan Hill community.

Volunteerism in the community is so important. From creating bonds and support systems with those you meet while volunteering, to giving back to spaces, programs, and people in your chosen community, volunteering in the community has many benefits. In Morgan Hill, there are various opportunities throughout the year. Ranging from cleanups to events, program support to driving programs, there is something to fit individual interests and time availability. If you’re interested in volunteering, please visit our website to submit the volunteer interest form. Please note, some volunteer roles may require a background check, finger printing or a TB test. Please allow two weeks for processing these requirements.

Upcoming Event Opportunities 
The City of Morgan Hill is looking for volunteers to assist with the Master’s Championship Swim Meet scheduled at the Aquatics Center, April 14, 15, and 16, with a variety of available time slots. This is a great opportunity for both community volunteers and high school students, at least 16+ years old, who need to fulfill civics points for club or class requirements. If you are interested in volunteering, time slots are available online. Be sure to sign up by April 12th and contact or for additional information.

Ongoing Opportunities
If you’re looking for ongoing volunteer opportunities, there are a variety of programs and organized cleanups that take place on a regular basis. Volunteers in these areas help to ensure the programming continues and that public spaces remain beautiful for all community members to enjoy.

RYDE Program RYDE is a curb-to-curb transportation and local trip planning service for adults 65+ living in the Morgan Hill area. RYDE fees are fixed based on the number of miles you travel to a destination. Volunteers provide a valuable service by providing transportation to homebound seniors in our community. For more information contact Anna Bielecki at (408) 310-4255 or

Parks, Playgrounds, and Trails Interested in helping keep Morgan Hill beautiful? There are many opportunities for cleanups, including becoming a Make it Magical volunteer at the Magical Bridge Playground, participating in community-organized bi-weekly cleanups, and adopting a local park or trail.

The Magical Bridge Playground currently has multiple opportunities available such as Make it Magical Volunteers (16+ years old), Make it Magical Volunteer Lead (18+ years old), and Make it Magical Volunteer Entertainment and Art Ambassador (18+ years old). Additional information is available on our website.

Community-based cleanups are currently taking place on a bi-weekly schedule and are at various locations throughout the City. For details and additional information, visit our website. Interested in adopting a local park or trail in the community? Groups, families, and individuals are encouraged to get involved with projects and maintenance needs at local parks. Sign up today online for more information.

Thank you all of our volunteers for the dedication and support of our many parks, programs, and facilities in Morgan Hill. You make our community special!