Engineering and Utilities


17575 Peak Avenue
Morgan Hill, CA 95037



Name Title Email Phone
Ghione, Chris Public Services Director 408-782-9154
Creer, Scott Deputy Director for Engineering 408-310-4640
Cho, Yat Senior Project Manager 408-310-4641
Gittleson, David Associate Engineer 408-310-4642
Kong, Lynette Associate Engineer 408-310-4714
Henry, John Engineering Technician II 408-310-4645
Matuk, Ruben Public Works Inspector 408-310-4174
Pipken, John Public Works Inspector 408-310-4172
Rossi, Vicky Engineering & Community Development Business Asst. 408-310-4672
Vizcarra, Agustin Engineering Technician I 408-310-4715

Utilities - Corporation Yard 

100 Edes Court
Morgan Hill, CA 95037


Monday - Thursday
7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
6:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
Sylvain, James Deputy Director of Utilities 408-310-4166
Byrum, Clint Operations Manager 408-310-4164
Alonzo, Inga Management Analyst 408-310-4182
Rodriguez, Tina Municipal Services Assistant 408-310-4163
Armendariz, Liz Office Assistant II 408-310-4162
Parraz, Mario Utilities Supervisor 408-310-4043
Christensen, Ken Interim Utilities Supervisor 408-310-4168
Neff, Tom Electrician 408-310-4175
Romo, Robert Utility Worker II    
Vasquez, Oracio Senior Utility Worker 408-310-4167
Wake, Richard Senior Utility Worker 408-310-4177
Bribiesca, Daniel      
Conlon, Tim Utility Worker I    
Esquivel, Osbaldo Utility Worker II    
Garcia, Felipe      
Gonzales, Johnny Utility Worker II    
Gonzales, Ruben Utility Worker I/II    
Gonzalez, Sammy      
Guzman, Richard Interim Water Quality Specialist 408-310-4171
Herrera, Teo Utility Worker II    
Mejia, Martin      
Moreno, Jacob Utility Worker I/II    
Martinez, Gabe Utility Worker I    
Pacheco, Joey Utility Worker II    
Rocha, Leo Utility Worker I    
Russo, Danny Utility Worker II    
Vasquez, Victor Utility Worker I    
Wilber, Robert Utility Worker II    

Cross Connection - Backflow 

100 Edes Court
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Morgan Hill, CA 95037