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1. How do I start garbage service?
2. When are my garbage & recycling collected?
3. What can I recycle?
4. Where do I put my recyclables?
5. How do I get additional recycling containers and how much will it cost?
6. I just did a large yard clean-up and have more yard waste than will fit in my container. What can I do with it?
7. How do I recycle household batteries?
8. How can I get containers to dispose of used oil and oil filters?
9. What do I do with recyclable items not accepted in the City's curbside recycling program?
10. Where do I get a voucher to take things to the dump?
11. Where can I get a debris box?
12. How do I dispose of household hazardous waste?
13. Can I recycle empty metal aerosol cans?
14. What do I do with my electronic waste?
15. I removed the freon from my refrigerator. Why do I still have to pay a freon removal fee?
16. How do I dispose of fluorescent lighting?
17. Does Morgan Hill have a community-wide garage sale?